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The Ultimate Taste In Buffalo Wings

K's Buffalo Wings

The ultimate Taste In Buffalo Wings

Located in Downtown Georgia & Mississippi, K's is a hot-spot for wing and 100 % pure beef burger connoisseurs alike.



K's Buffalo Wings first opened in 1997. After many years of hard work and trial and error, it grew to be the successful business that it is today. Mrs. K is a local celebrity in Augusta, GA, and is known world-wide for her delicious wings and that famous loaded baked potato. Mrs. K is an avid traveler and one of her favorite places to visit is Africa. There, she learned to cook various ethnic dishes, which she displays each year at Augusta's 'Art in the Heart' festival.

The interior at 828 ,designed by Mrs. K, reflects the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area while also paying tribute to Augusta's own James Brown. The 2 sectioned restaurant offers the choice to go in the back and lounge have a beer and watch sports, or enjoy a meal with family and view the downtown scenery in front.